10 Facts on a Will

As part of our on-going service to you, we wish that you take the time to know and understand the following points:

  1. Only an original and signed Will is valid.
  2. Your appointment of a friend or family member as Executor may be declined by the Master, thus the co-appointment of an approved professional is paramount.
  3. Your Will only deals with life cover that pays your estate, thus your Will and life cover  beneficiary nominations must complement each other.
  4. If you do not create a Testamentary Trust for minor children’s inheritances, their money will go to the Government Guardian’s fund.
  5. Guardian nominations are only applicable when there is no surviving biological or legally-appointed parent.
  6. Guardian nominations are only a wish, these nominations should be aware of and happy to accept such an appointment.
  7. No one can inherit until all debts, fees, taxes and marital contract claims are settled, regardless of what your Will says or even if you have no Will.
  8. You can use a Will to document your last wishes but these are only wishes and may not be enforceable, albeit they are likely to be honoured.
  9. If you state that you wish to be an organ donor in your Will, you must still register with the organ donor society for this wish to be effective.
  10. Your cannot cater for every eventuality, thus it is better to keep it simple and up-to-date as your circumstances change.