The Legacy Protection Plan is driven by a nominal monthly premium, with no initial fees payable. It has three main benefit components as follows…

Last Will and Testament

Herein, your advisor or our consultant will draft your Testament according to your wishes. They will use our proprietary software that simplifies the process and enables them to tailor your draft Will within a few minutes of your request. We believe that a simple Will is a comprehensive Will. Your testamentary terms, conditions and format have all been vetted to ensure there are no legal conflicts and unnecessary delays in winding up the deceased estate.

Upon your acceptance, one of our team of professionals will contact you and arrange a convenient meeting to sign and witness your original Will, or amend as may be necessary. Thereafter, we will leave one valid copy with you and another in safe custody on your behalf.

A membership card will also be delivered to you. It can be used by your loved ones in their time of need to contact us and initiate the necessary. We also have councillors on hand to help them navigate through this time and assist with anything they may need help with.


Deceased Estate Benefit

Our principal reason for existence is to effectively reduce the cost of deceased estate administration for our clients.

The principal costs of a deceased estate include the following:

  • Executor fees
  • Trustee remuneration
  • Conveyance Costs

Through the Legacy Protection Plan, you as the insured policyholder can fully recoup the cost of the above services when we are appointed as such in your last Will and Testament. Your intended legacy is therefore preserved, and not sacrificed to exorbitant legal fees in the event of your untimely death. Or in other words, all your life cover and assets will be for the benefit of your family and not your trustees and executors.

Using our online calculator, you can determine how much of these fees your specific estate will be liable for, with and without the Legacy Protection Plan in force.


Immediate Liquidity Benefit

Immediately after the death of a loved one, particularly that of a breadwinner, a family may find themselves short of cash as bank accounts and access to credit are frozen. This is especially true for couples married in community of property or where there is only one household bank account.

To help alleviate this illiquidity, including the costs of burial or cremation, the Legacy Protection Plan has an Immediate Liquidity Benefit from which cash can be withdrawn within 48 hours of a claim, or anytime thereafter.